Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Fortune

Friday night, I had dinner with my family at the local Chinese restaurant. My brother, Justin, loves to eat there. He has a rule that you should always pick the fortune cookie farthest from you on the plate. Of course, everyone always loves to share what theirs says. Sometimes they are dumb, or funny, or maybe even a little inspirational. We never take them seriously, but mine was too good, and I just have to share!!
"A family reunion in the coming months will be a tremendous success!"
I thought it was quite approriate, since our wedding will basically be a big famiy reunion.
And for those of you craving wedding details, here are a "few" bridesmaids dresses I have seen and liked on-line. I'm leaning toward a harvest gold color. In person it's a beautiful color, but I'm not sure if it looks good in pictures. Let me know which one(s) you like!

Dress #1
Kellye's favorite!
Dress #2

Dress #3
I'm not sure what the front looks like,
but I LOVE the back!

Dress #4
I'm not sure if I want this
for the wedding. I may
buy it to wear somewhere


  1. what time of day is the wedding?

  2. That's another thing I can't officially decide on ....... most likely it will be early afternoon.

  3. Beautiful dresses, but #2 is my pick. So elegant, but oh so sweet!! #3 would be my next pick. Anyway...for what it's worth, there you go.

  4. I like #2 and #3, but I would probably go with #2 if it is early afternoon since #3 is formal/longer.

  5. Thanks girls!! I appreciate the input! What's the earliest time ya'll would suggest for the ceremony? We think we want to get the wedding over as quickly as possible so we can enjoy the rest of the day/night being married!