Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Didn't Miss!!!!!!

You can tell how excited Dave was. He doesn't have a tail, that's just our puppy dog hiding behind us. Reese was excited about the turkey too!

This is what I found when I came home from Troy last Monday. He did kill one on his birthday, and he did it with my new shotgun. It's two-for-two so far.......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave

time ago.....
Dave was born!!
Happy 31st birthday Dave! This whole post is just for you! I'm so blessed to have a wonderul fiance like you, and I can't wait to marry you!!
I'm feeling guilty about having class in Troy tonight on Dave's birthday, so this blog is my apology for my absence. I may have gone into photo overload here, but I've been working on this post for a week now. I just kept finding pictures that I had to add. And you may get tired of the Star Wars music. I uploaded it to go along with the blog intro. Click on the next song by Toby Keith. It's always reminded me of Dave. Also, for all of you readers that are always telling me you don't know how to leave a comment, it's easy.
1. Click on the word comment at the bottom of this post.
2. Check the Anonymous option.
3. Type a message in the box and be sure to include your name.
4. You may or may not have to retype a code.
5. Publish comment!
Now there's no excuse! Everybody leave Dave a Happy Birthday comment!!
This was Reese's first dove hunt with Dave.

This photo is of Dave calling in some geese.

Gunner and Dave
Christmas 2004

Another turkey bites the dust.

We love Auburn football!

Dave and Chad ( his little brother)
This is Chad's first turkey. The hunt lasted all of
30 minutes. How come this never happens when
I go hunting with Dave?????

Here we are on Dave's 30th Birthday last year.

This is "some of" my family (plus or minus a few:)
I gave Dave a duck hunting themed surprise party.

Here we are at The Hilltop last April when Justin
was home from Iraq. I had to throw this one in baby
because you're smiling so pretty. Also because I noticed Nugget's
expression in the background ;)

I love my turkey hunter, and hope he kills one on his
big day! Gobble, Gobble!!

Here he is exhausted after a hunt. Dylon
didn't know what to think about all of this.

Here we are with The DuBose's (Jessa Ann is in Marrianne's tummy)

Before there was a Dave and Mandi, there was a Jay, Marrianne, and "Neighbor Dave".
While they are no longer Dave's neighbors, they are still the best of friends to us
and we love them so much!

Last summer we met The Simpsons!

Here we are visiting Camp Mac on party night.

We don't look half bad here, especially considering that we hadn't
showered in over 24 hours.
Long story, but we were on our way to a wedding in TN, and Dave's uncle's car over-heated on the interstate. After we sat on the edge of I-65 for 4 hours, we finally got a new mode of transportation, and were on our way. We made it to our hotel in just enough time to throw on our dress clothes.

In this photo you see two tired birthday boys
and their worn-out Dave.

In October we got engaged!

2007 Iron Bowl..........War Eagle!!!

Here we are on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2007.
We are getting married in exactly one year!!

This picture is of Dave and his HouBaby at the Christmas Parade in December.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I LOVE YOU and thank God for you every day!
I'll see you tonight when I get home from school!
We love you!!
Mimi and Reese

Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides Of March

Surprise! I've been wanting someone to "pimp my blog", but everyone that does that has a LONG waiting list, so this is my best attempt at something different. I hope to figure out a little more about blog designing soon. If anyone has any tips, let me know!
It's been an exciting week around here. First of all I want to welcome my future sis-in-law, Wendy, to the blog world. I will entirely enjoy keeping up with the twins by blog. Second, I want to say congratulations to our friends Will and Lori McVay on the birth of their new baby girl, Callie Ann. It's about time we got some girls around here! Dave and I are blessed to have friends like them. Finally, we ended the week with another March birthday dinner. My mom and dad grilled hamburgers for Dave, Matt, Shelli, Jeremy, Josh, Tamara, and Stacey Thursday night. The following are a few pictures of the boys that mother took. I have a great photo of both sets of twins on my camera, but Dave took it hunting with him today. I will add it to the post soon.

Here's Dylon in a tree. He's learned a new phrase: "Bubba's in the Hoooouuuuuse."
He and Houston call each other Bubba.

This is Houston on Justin's old tractor. He only wants to ride it in the sandbox.

Laeton , or Lae Lae, as his big brothers call him is a sweet baby.

Monday, March 10, 2008

For My Turkey Hunter

As of this Saturday, you won't be seeing much of Dave until the first of May. Yep, it's turkey season again! Next to myself, and Reese (we hope!) turkey hunting is something Dave is extremely passionate about. He's got a room full of turkey hunting "stuff" to prove it!
I know Dave looks at this blog while he's at work and I just want to say,
"I love you and have a great season!"

Here's Dave and his dad on the opening day last year. Dave called up the gobbler and his dad shot it. I made this picture in front of my family's windmill. I remember that it was a school morning, and the traffic and buses were going by so everyone saw it. It was a pretty exciting morning!

This is Dave's first bird last season.

Dave hunted/stalked this bird for days before finally killing him. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and my whole family was in the back yard watching the boys play with their Easter eggs. I remember saying to my mom,"I just wish I would hear a gun shot." Ten minutes later we did hear one, and in a little while he came out of the woods carrying this bird.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, SES planned an entire week full of festivities. We ended the celebration this morning with a storybook character parade. I bought the boys these shirts while I was in Orlando last month, and I just had to volunteer them to come and "head up" the parade. They were adorable as always, but I can't get over how big they look in the pictures. They are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!
Thing 1, Minnie Mouse, and Thing 2

Thing 3 with Ms. Shelia

Big Boys!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Love McGuire's!

Saturday night we went to McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin to celebrate all of the March birthdays of several of our closest friends. We had a total of 16 people in our party and 7 birthdays to celebrate. We LOVE eating at McGuire's! (You may remember that we celebrated our engagement there in October) If you've never been, you must try it next time you are in Destin or Pensacola.
We had a fabulous time, and plan to make this an annual event. The night was full of laughter, excitement, and drama. As we were leaving the restaurant, we found some people in the parking lot trying to rock Jeremy's Tahoe. They thought he had parked too close to them, and were trying to move his truck over. Once they saw the number of people in our group and the big guys with us, they changed their minds.
After dinner, some of us went to Destin Commons and watched Fool's Gold, which was a very cute movie! I love Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey together!
Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Dave bought me shotgun! I will have to share pictures and a post about that soon.
Tamara, Ashly, Dave, Matt, Jeremy, Josh, and Shelli all have March birthdays. Shelli and Ashly were born on St. Patrick's Day.
Unfortunately they did not have one table big enough for all of us. This table was huge and had a Lazy Susan in the middle. My brother Justin decided to spin it like the "Wheel of Fortune" and ended up shattering a glass of water which soaked Dave's pants.

Left to Right: Jeremy and Kellye, Josh and Anna, Tamara and Justin, Ashly and Eddie, and Dave

The rest of our group sat across from us at a booth.
Left side: Shelli, Wade, and Suzanne.
Right side: Matt, Will, and Lori

Our good friends Josh and Anna Till.

My cousin Kellye and her boyfriend Jeremy.

My youngest brother Justin and his girlfriend Tamara.

Dave and I with his birthday cake. He's going to be 31 this month!

This is Jeremy and our waitress, Dixie. I could tell you her life story, but that's a completely different post.

We thought about buying these at the gift shop.