Monday, November 17, 2008

We're Getting Ready!

I had not planned on blogging again before the wedding, but after seeing all of the masterpieces my family members have created, I felt that I needed to give credit where it is due. First are the cake tiers my daddy made. I looked for something like this for months and was about to give up on it when my daddy asked me what I wanted them to look like. I drew out a sketch and the very next day he came home from work with these. Aren't they gorgeous!! The legs are "M"s!! I know Dave and I will use these often and one day pass them on to our children.

My mother is creative too!! She made these beautiful pumpkin topiaries. The pictures don't even do them justice. I am already fighting with her about having them for my house next fall!! Thanks mom and dad! I love you and could never repay you for all of the hard work and sacrifices you've made for me and the brothers!
I made this banner for the boys to carry down the aisle. They've been practicing with it. Houston says, "Here comes the she comes!" We'll see if they make it down the aisle Saturday. Being 3 is tough, and it's going to be a long day for them.

Speaking of the aisle, I made this aisle-runner a few months ago.

These window panes will be hanging from the sides of the barn. They were painted by Honey, Shelli, and Anna. There are several of them, and they are all cute!

Here's a shot of our garage. The candleabras were made by Ricky Bass. He's my good friend, Ashly Bass Powell's father. He made these for her wedding, and I think all of the girls in our circle of friends have used them since. Shelli and her mom made the bride and groom scarecrows, and Anna and Shelli are still working on the arch.
Here's the barn. We started hanging lights and fabric last night. You can't see it well in this photo, but there's a wreath that Shelli made hanging in the center.

Here's my lovely assistant going up the ladder again.

Here's my other assistant smiling pretty for the camera!
Hope to see you Saturday! The 10 day forecast predicts sunny skies today. Folks keep asking us what we'll do if it rains. Dave and I talked about it and decided........we'll still get married:)

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  1. I love it all!! All the ideas are great!! It looks like everyone has a lot of creativity in them. I had no idea that you had these plans for your wedding, how neat!
    Now for the rude part, we will be in town this weekend and I would love to come and be a part of your wedding. What time Saturday and what is the location of your wedding? If it is not a problem please let me know. My email is Thankyou and the best of luck for Saturday!!!

  2. Everything looks great! We'll see you Friday night

  3. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures. Everything looks gorgeous and I know you will make a beautiful bride!!

  4. Congratulations and best of luck this weekend. I hope everything goes smooth and the weather is gorgeous. Your wedding looks like it is going to be beautiful!

  5. The cake tiers that your dad made for you are beautiful! I can tell by the pics that there has been alot of thought and planning put into this wedding. I know that everything will be beautiful and perfect. I can't wait to see it all put together!

  6. I love the BARN! It looks absolutely beautiful! I know that the day is going to be beautiful as well! Congratulations!

  7. I can't wait to see pictures from your special day!! Next time you blog, you'll be Mandi Morris!!! YEA! I love the BARN,too!! CONGRATULATIONS and MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND DAVE!