Monday, September 29, 2008

Tailgate Couples Shower

Dave and I have the best friends! JW & Marrianne, Alan & Lesa, and Michael & Wendy gave us an Auburn Tailgate Shower Saturday night. Marrianne's father, Buddy, has a 1950's style diner where the shower was held. Everyone had a great time eating yummy food and watching the exciting game! Since AU played earlier that day, we watched the Alabama/Georgia game. It was fun, and Dave and I are now set to entertain next football season!

Wendy and Michael
with us and Aubie

Alan, Lesa, Marrianne, and JW
(our other hosts)
Mandi's Family
We're ALL Auburn!!

Dave's Family

Our BEST Friends!

The gifts were AMAZING!

We were so excited to get this stainless steel trash can
from Dave's grandparents!

Ms. Amy gave us some awesome cookware.
We had to open it up to admire it, and of course
couldn't figure out how to get it all back in the box!
THANK YOU Everyone and

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  1. That was so sweet of them!! Yes, you definitely are set up with the Auburn gear.

  2. It is hard to believe, but yes, my Anna will start "big girl" school next year. Me and Teri were wondering if we wanted them in the same class or not-we think it might be a good idea to separate them. They get silly and giggly when they are together.

  3. What a great shower idea! LOVE all the Auburn stuff. War Eagle!!

  4. How Fun! I wish we had thought of having a tailgating shower! I love all the AU gifts! Y'all are set for football season for years to come! WAR EAGLE!

    How is your house coming along?

  5. Beth,

    We have the land, the plans, and the builder. All we are lacking is getting our $$$$$! What perfect timing!!! Maybe we'll be able to get a loan now.....

  6. What a neat shower to have even though I would prefer the crimson and white colors! HAHA!! I know that you are getting very excited about your wedding day. It is approaching quickly!! :)

  7. Hi Mandi. I did go to school with Dave and Chad. It's great to be able to keep up with everyone through our blogs. Nice to meet you:)

  8. Mandi, you are so beautiful!!! What cute things you and Dave got. That was a good idea!

  9. that is such a great idea!! i'm totally jealous of all the auburn stuff!

  10. SOooooooooooooooooooo fun and I love all the Auburn stuff! Except if it was Arkansas Razorbacks it would be MUCH better. ha ha ha ha! Just kidding.
    (Go hogs!)

  11. Love this! We used to live in Auburn so this brings back great memories! War Eagle!