Friday, April 23, 2010


Dave's favorite hobby is of course turkey hunting. Unfortunately for him, he only gets to enjoy it for 2 months out of the year. He did get to go to Tennessee the weekend after Easter, but didn't kill anything while there:( He said the long-beards were all "henned up". I am pretty sure he is planning to go back again soon.

He did kill one last week. Here he is with the jellyhead. Dave has been telling Houston that a dead turkey is called a jellyhead. Now jellyhead is one of Houbaby's favorite words.

I have finally found the time for some hobbies of my own. I am happy to say that graduate school is winding down. I will take my finals next week, and then I will have the entire month of May off. This summer I will do my second internship at the high school, and since I PASSED both the PRAXIS Test and COMPS, I will graduate on July 23!!

My newest addiction is sewing. I love my new machine, and can't wait to have more free time to practice on it. Over spring break, Shelli got me into appliqueing, and mother gave me some sewing lessons. Here are a few of the things I've done so far.

An outfit for Kyleigh

I bought this dress at Wal-Mart and appliqued it for Blakeley.

I also appliqued a "Reese" onesie for Avery.
It's going to be a stormy weekend with a possibility of severe weather. I can't wait to stay home all day and sew. Maybe my turkey hunter will be here in the dry, safe house too!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Patrick's Day-Easter

My class tonight was canceled, so I have decided to devote some time to get this blog somewhat up-to-date.

First of all, it is turkey season at our house, and that is a very important thing to my husband. These days he can either be found at work, in the woods, or asleep on the couch because because he's been, or should I say WE'VE been up since 4:00am.

On St. Patrick's Day, Josh and Dave got a real-life lucky charm which helped them to kill these two turkeys. Here's Josh with the turkeys and the new lucky charm, Avery Bryant Till.

Sweet Avery is such a good baby! You can read more about him on Anna's blog.

Dave recently had a birthday too! I can't say that he looks his age, but I can definitely look at photos of myself pre-graduate school, and now and see a BIG difference!

Avery and his parents stopped by to wish Dave a happy birthday. He has been to our house several times, and has slept through every trip!


I stole this picture of the boys from Shelli's Facebook. I was not able to catch the three of them together in a good picture on Sunday, and they were just as cute then as they are in this photo!
The Rodgers Family
Kyleigh has such a funny personality for a 10 month old. She is so growny. Her attitude and the looks she will give you are something else!
The egg hunters
In this photo it looks like Laeton Reid feels outcasted by Kyleigh! He does get jealous of her, but he also LOVES her too.

Aunt Christy wanted a photo of all of the Clark family, but this is the best we could do. My husband, Uncle Roland, and Justin were MIA at the time.

Here we are on our front porch before church Easter Sunday. I had set up the camera and tripod, and Dave was less than pleased when he stepped out the door and saw it. You can tell by the look on his face here:) Truthfully, he was in a bad mood all weekend because he was missing the opening weekend of turkey season in Tennessee. I don't know who in the world decides on the hunting seasons (obviously not a woman), but they should know better than to schedule it to open on a holiday! Or on my anniversary or birthday:)

SPRING BREAK BEGINS IN 3 DAYS!!! The students and teachers here need/deserve a break, and we are hoping this beautiful weather (minus the pollen) continues!

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