Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Kids (Not ours, but we love 'em!)

These lovely boys belong to my cousins Matt and Shelli. They are the first babies in our immediate family in over 20 years. As you might imagine, they are quite rotten. We missed out on most of the twin's first year of life because they were in the Air Force at that time and stationed in Louisiana. Shortly after their first birthday, Matt was discharged and they moved back to Alabama permanently. They actually lived with us for a few months while they fixed up their house. These little guys are such a blessing to our family. They will definitely play a special (and most likely entertaining) part in our wedding!
Matthew "Dylon" Smith
Dylon is the oldest of the Smith clan and is 29 months old. He and Houston were born on September 14, 2005. He has always acted like a big brother in the sense that he is always more aware of what's going on around him. He is such a people person. I think he may grow up to be a politician. We can't go anywhere that he doesn't smile and wave at everyone he meets. My mom says that, "Dylon will stay in trouble in school because he never quits talking."
Dylon is trying out a new hair style. He's "stylish"! Also, my mom says that he looks exactly like his Baw Baw in this picture.
"Houston" Roger Dale Smith
Houston is Dylon's twin brother, and the middle child. At birth he weighed exactly one ounce more than Dylon and has been dubbed "the bigger baby" ever since. Houston is "Dave's buddy". My mother tells people, "If you were to come to our house, you could tell them apart because Houston will either be sitting in Dave's lap or driving a toy truck up and down Papa John's (my daddy's) legs."
"Laeton" Reid Smith
Laeton is the youngest Smith boy and the newest addition to our family. He joined us on October 13, 2007. He is now four months old and weighs almost as much as his big brothers! It won't be long before he's getting into stuff with them. He is definitely a cutie. You should hear him chuckle. My mom says, "Laeton has a sweet smile, and makes the cutest cooing sounds!"

Here are the twins at a basketball game. To me, this photo shows how different the boys' personalities can be.
I would also like to say a big "Welcome Home" to Whit and Brady (the other Smith twins) They have been home now for one week. Wendy says that things are going great. Sorry that I don't have any new pictures to post of them. We haven't been cleared to visit yet because Dave and I have had yucky colds.

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  1. These boys look like a handful. I am glad you posted about them...isn't wierd how different even twins can be!?!