Monday, May 10, 2010

Grand Slam School Day 2010

This day is one of the highlights of my school year:) I LOVE baseball, and if you have never been to a Montgomery Biscuits game, you are really missing out. Every year they host a Grand Slam School Day, and SES always takes the top 100 readers in the school.

This year 8 of my kids made enough A.R. points to qualify. They all had to have more than 72 points, and one of my girls has the highest number of points in the school at almost 600!!

Here we are excited and ready to go!

This is the view of the stadium from the lawn seating where our kids sat.

The Biscuits provided some of the teachers to a free lunch in the manager's box.

I felt a little bad sitting in the AC while my kiddos were sweating in the 95 degree heat:)

After my luxurious lunch, I got invited to sit with the "Biscuit Bunch" and the media by one of our students that had a press pass for the day. These seats were absolutely amazing! I actually got to sit down and watch the game. I normally escort kids back and forth to the concession stands and restrooms during our trips. We felt so important sitting here:)
As you can see, we were basically right by the Biscuits' dugout.

And we had the best view in the house, when the Biscuits' stole home in the
bottom of the 9th to win the game.

Thanks for inviting me to sit with you C!

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  1. You deserve a wonderful day at the ballpark!!! So glad you got to go and enjoy the game this time.

    Aunt Kathy