Thursday, August 25, 2011

1O Things on Thursday

  1. Even though it won't be cool enough for a while, I'm so disgusted that my new fall boots that I ordered 2 weeks ago still have not been delivered!
  2. I am terribly excited about Friday night football in Straughn exactly 24 hours from now.
  3. I love relaxing afternoons on Robin Road.
  4. I have a great class this year. BIG class, but well behaved and precious.
  5. Thank goodness for interns!! Grading 110 Math Tests today would have been impossible without her!!
  6. I dislike the fact that starting back to school puts a kink in the amount of time I get to spend with Dave now. I miss our lunch dates the most!
  7. I also miss my fading by the day tan.
  8. I've been low carb for a month and a half, and still walking most nights.
  9. I've lost 17 pounds!!!
  10. I've deleted my Facebook page one week ago, and feel so fabulously FREE!!! It was not good for me, and I spend my time so much more wisely now:)

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1 comment:

  1. Whoo Hooo for 17 lbs!!! I'm losing my tan too but I'm heading to the beach for one last weekend to get a little back. Hope you're back to blogging so I can stay caught up. It's WAY better than facebook:)