Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Things on Thursday

1. I hope I can come up with 10 things today.
2. The orange and blue is up and ready at our house.
3. I have a young little intern who makes me feel so old. She says things like "Yes ma'am" to me.
4. I get so discouraged by parents who get an attitude with us because they think their child has too much homework. I promise these kids don't have anything near the amount of homework we had growing up. ( maybe I am sounding old now:) I love my students and I take the responsibility of educating them very seriously.
5. I so love walking around campus and seeing the twins at school, or hearing their sweet little voices call my name when I'm in the lunchroom. I try terribly hard not to pick them up and kiss them all over every time, but that is hard to resist.
6. I'm still low carb, but may cheat a little this weekend!
7. I've been burning the fall candles for 2 weeks now.
8. Dave and I look forward to watching "How I Met Your Mother" every night before we go to sleep.
9. I've got an extra long weekend coming up!
10. I am on the way to Blue Mountain Beach tonight!

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