Saturday, August 9, 2008

What A Cutie!

Shelli shared some pictures from their trip to Houston with me. While it was a long week for mom and dad, it appears that Matt Dylon had the time of his life!

Taking Off- This kid LOVES airplanes.

Matt, Shelli, and Dylon at the Astros game.
I'm surprised Matt didn't wear his Braves jersey to the game too.

Dylon met some professional soccer players.

Hard Rock Cafe

Dylon dressed up as a Mexican at The Childrens' Museum.

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  1. You're right-what a cutie he is!!! He has a precious smile!! I am so glad to hear he won't need any surgery!! God is GOOD!!

  2. I wonder how it felt for Matt and Shelli just to have one kid to keep up with on the trip since that never has been the case for them?!?!

  3. We've discovered that keeping just one is a breeze. When they are all together they tend to feed off of one another's energy.

  4. I know some cousins like that!!!